Privacy Policy

I. The Application of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all Users of the Website as defined in the Terms of Use.

In this Privacy Policy, the terms User, Provider and Website shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.

This Privacy Policy may be amended, revised or supplemented at any time and without any advance notice. By using the Website after amendments, revisions or supplements, the User confirms his/her agreement with the amendments, revisions or supplements.


II. Types of Data being Processed

 Provider collects and processes the following personal data about Users:

- Name and surname

- Address and telephone number

- E-mail address

- Date and place of birth

- Gender

- Tax code

- Bank account number (IBAN, SWIFT)

- Shipping address

- Billing address

 Provider collects and processes the data stated in lines 7, 8 and 9 above only from Users with whom a separate contract has been concluded.


III. The Purpose of Data Processing

 Provider shall use the data collected from the User for the following purposes:

-         registration/login on/to the Website and granting certain rights and access to certain sections of the Website to registered users;

-         keeping a record of registered Users on the Website;

-         statistical, marketing and other analyses and research;

-         processing of User’s orders on the Website;

-         communicating with the Users;

-         occasionally sending commercial or non-commercial electronic messages related to the Website or any other Provider’s operations;

-         occasionally sending commercial or non-commercial electronic messages for/from third parties – partners of the Website.

 The User acknowledges that Provider may assign specific tasks related to user information to third parties (data processors).


IV. Use of Cookies

 Provider uses cookies to enable the use and functioning of the Website, to detect and correct errors and to help collect information about the user' browsing on the Website.

 Cookies are small files sent from the Website to the User's browser and stored to the data medium (usually a hard disk) of the User's electronic device (computer, smartphone etc.), while the User is browsing the Website. Upon User’s next visit of the Website, the information stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the Website to notify the Website of the User's previous activity.

 Provider collects information with the help of cookies in a manner that does not identify a specific User.

 The provider uses his own cookies (first-party cookies), while allowing some third parties to install their own cookies (third-party cookies).

 Information on specific cookies, their data controllers, purposes of processing the collected data, obtained with these cookies, and the duration of cookies is listed below:


Data Controller

Name of the cookie

The purposes of processing the data

The duration of the cookie

The Provider


This cookie enables the web site to store the data for a current browsing session. In the website it is used to create the user session and to forward data on the status of a temporary cookie.

The session is ended when a user’s browser is closed because this cookie is not time limited.

 The User may at any time set, modify, adjust or revoke his consent (for storing and accessing the cookies) in the browser by which he/she accesses the website.


V. User Rights

 The User may send a request to e-mail address for the Provider to confirm whether they are collecting or processing the data related to the User. Such a request may be submitted once every quarter of the year.

 The User may send a request to e-mail address info@cherrybox24.comfor the Provider to send him/her a copy of user-related data by e-mail. Such a request may be submitted once every quarter of the year.

 The User may send a request to e-mail address info@cherrybox24.comfor the Provider to change or update data related to him/her that is incomplete or inaccurate.

 The User may send a request to e-mail address info@cherrybox24.comfor the Provider to permanently delete all user-related data. Before the Provider deletes the data, they may request that the User prove his/her identity. If after doing so the Provider still has doubts about the identity of the User, they may reject the User's request.


 VI. Exclusion of Liability

 The Provider assumes no liability for damage suffered by the User due to the submission of false, inaccurate or incomplete data during registration or when visiting or using the Website.

 If for any reason the exclusion of liability is void or unenforceable, Provider’s liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.


VII. Final Provisions

 If any provision of this Privacy Policy is invalid for any reason, this invalidity shall not affect the rest of this Privacy Policy. In such case, the invalid provision shall be deemed non-existent and the Privacy Policy shall apply without such provision.

 Any legal relationship between the User and the Provider based on this Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England. and English courts shall have jurisdiction to hear any disputes or disagreements arising from or related to these ToU or the User’s use of the Website.

 This Privacy Policy enters into force on July 10, 2015.